The Energy Body

You’re more than meets the eye! Overlaying your physical body is your energy body. This vast system has many components, but can be simplified into meridians, chakras, and the aura.

Meridians: the pathways through which energy flows. Think of them as somewhat like our blood vessels, but they deliver energy to the different areas of our body.

Aura: the energy field that is generated by a living creature. This reflects how you feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Chakras: the seven main energy centers in our body. They connect the aura to the meridians.

Seven main chakras

As we go through this human life, we develop judgments and fears. This can cause the normal, healthy flow of energy in our bodies to become blocked. Such energy blockages can result in physical, mental, and emotional suffering. By tuning in to our energy flow and working to release these blocks, we have the natural ability to enhance our own well-being. Meditation and energy healing are just two of the many ways to start this process.

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